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Union reacts to 2-0 win over Sounders

Here's some of what the Philadelphia Union had to say after their 2-0 win over the Sounders tonight:

Coach Peter NowakOn controlling the ball most of the match) "In the first half we couldn't figure out a way to break them down in the final third. I think we made a couple of adjustments at halftime and it worked out well. We tried to push the game from the outside." On the differences in coaching a team in year two) "On the first game we played here we spent a lot of time with the team, the expansion team hoping for the best. You never know what will come out. We spent three weeks in training camp and it just wasn't enough. During the season you get used to each other to my training method, tactical, everything. Today the players understand the concepts, the tactical concepts, how they prepare themselves. I think this team is completely different than the one here 18 months ago." On Freddy Adu addition to this team) "I think it was the right move for him to come back. I know him very well and he knows me very well. He knows how to approach the training methods and how to be apart of the team. For a couple of weeks he was injured and we didn't try to push the envelope. We knew he would come back and he did and I think he had a strong game. I think he needs to be a little bit more involved, I give him a lot of freedom out on the field. In the second half he figured when to attack in, when to be a play maker. I think the goal is fantastic for his confidence and for his future." On the lessons Freddy Adu learned on his travels through Europe) "I told him seven years when he joined D.C. United that what we are trying to do here is kindergarten compared to what he will face in Europe. Over there the coaches, players, travel, media all different than here. In his first year he had four or five coaches each one with different styles. Sometimes those coaches won't talk to a player or explain anything. I think he learned the hard way and it is good to have him back and scoring goals for us again." Freddy AduOn coming the first goal) "That goal was all Gabe [Farfan] it was just great work down the line. As a professional player we were taught to always go to the near post when the ball is down the line, to try to get in front of the defender. Low and behold the ball popped up right were I was." On getting a good strike on the ball for his score) "Yeah, I was falling down and I had to concentrate on getting a good foot on it. The only place I could hit it was going up, trying to hit the ball to the roof of the net. I knew Kasey [Keller] was there but when your falling down you want to hit the ball as hard as you can." On the environment at CenturyLink Field) "The environment amazing, it is my first time playing here in an MLS game. It is amazing; it has a very European field to it. The surface is something different, I don't really enjoy playing on turf but we all have to play on it and adjust to it. As you saw a couple of passes got away from us and you really have to concentrate on your passes and shots. I thought we did a great job." Former Sounder Sebastian Le TouxOn getting a win and back into first place) "It is huge win for us to get it here, especially after the Sounders U.S. Open Cup win. To come on out into the west and get a win is a big confidence boost for us. It is big win for us to be on top in the East." On the positives) "We were consistent, and coming up with some big stops in the middle and through the first half. In the second half, we had a few occasions to score when we had our chances." On being able to finish in the second half) "The surface here is pretty fast and some of the players have not had an opportunity to play on it. In the second we were more confident with the ball."