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Parke latest in Sounders' run of concussions

We asked coach Sigi Schmid what's going on.

"In all my years of coaching I’ve always found injuries to be cyclical," he said. "I went through a span at UCLA where we had like five fifth metatarsals in two or three years. And then we went though a span where we had three guys fracture their fibula in like a year and a half. And then all of a sudden we’d have hamstring issues. We never had an ACL.

"It seems like it goes cyclical and right now we’re in a cycle with concussions. It seems like there’s a greater awareness of it: players and trainers and the league, everyone’s a little more sensitive to it. As a result of that some things are more pronounced than they were. I know the couple of times I had a concussion when I played I couldn’t drive home – so that’s how I knew pretty much that I had a concussion. And I don’t remember anything about the games.

"It rarely happens when you’re up clean for a header and you’re heading the ball. It happens when you get surprised by the ball, you’re hit in the back of the head by the ball or a teammate, you didn’t see it coming or something like that.

"Obviously Parke drove home last night and stuff like that. Yeah, it’s there, there are some symptoms for sure, and we’ll be very cautious with it."