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Tributes to Kasey Keller come rolling in

Some praise of Kasey Keller from the still-ongoing postgame tribute:

JOE ROTHWho would have thought on his last home game that we’d ask him to win it all by himself? A fantastic performance.

This is the man who opened up Europe for American soccer players, the first American to start as a goalkeeper in the English Premier League.

Who would have thought when we started this edition of the Seattle Sounders in a regular season game against another American team that 64,140 of you would be here.

ADRIAN HANAUERI can’t say enough about how you’ve helped us launch the most important soccer franchise in North America. You were the first player we wanted on this team … and I can’t be happier enough for what you did in helping launch this franchise and making it an amazing three-year run.

SIGI SCHMIDI want to say in front of all of you that it has been my honor and a tremendous privilege of mine to be able to coach Sigi in his final three years. ... This is America's top goalkeeper.

This was tweeted in from HOPE SOLOCongrats to (Kasey Keller) on an amazing career and for showing america just how hard great gking is.Here's to our WA native and to my hero!