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Keller: Most nervous for game since World Cup

Here's part of Kasey Keller's opening statement to the media after the Sounders 2-1 win tonight in what was his final regular-season home game.

"I’m not one who really likes to take the focus. I like to just be a team guy and make the team happen. This was like the most nervous I’ve been for a game since the World Cup because I just didn’t want to disappoint. I just wanted to be able to come out and help the team win a game today. I’m just so proud of the guys to not quit, to keep going. We’ve done it so many time this year. Once again, you just definitely don’t want to leave this stadium early because we’re going to make something happen at some stage of the game. It might be a little bit late, but we’re going to make it happen. I’m just proud of the whole franchise."

Here's more from the postgame news conference and Sounders locker room:

KELLEROn late in the game when he saved four shots in something like eight second) “I can’t remember that long ago. Like I said, I just hoped I could play today and help the team get a result because I don’t want to see 64,000 people go home disappointed. I want them to go home and say, ‘That was a tremendous experience.’ Take away all the motorcycles and Drew [Carey] driving in on a quad – that was pretty cool, that was worth watching for the attendance and then Zach Scott yelling I should take the other showcase. I’m happy with the showcase I got. But this club is something special and like I said, I’m just so proud to be a part of it and was able to help with what was the most important thing for tonight, and that was the result. Because you know, like Sigi has said and Adrian, we still want five more games this season – no, six actually if you count the CONCACAF game. So we’ve got a lot left and there’s no reason that with the resilience that this team has that we can’t have a good time left.” On when it will all sink in that he’s done playing soccer, once he’s done playing soccer) “I don’t think it’ll truly sink in until the end of January when everybody’s getting back together for preseason and I’m realizing that I’m not for the first time in 20-some years, if you count college soccer, that’s a long time ago. So that’s when I think it’s truly… Because like you said, this isn’t the last game. I’m used to a European system where the last game is the last game but now it’s playoffs and you don’t know when it’s going to be and let’s hope it’s in November in L.A. That’s what we’re all hoping for because I think we would sell out Home Depot Center on our own. I think our fans would fly down and be there so I’m excited for that prospect.” SIGI SCHMIDOn if this ranks as one of Keller's best games as a Sounder) “Shoot, there’s so many. I mean, obviously that game he played for the national team against Brazil that night in L.A. was one that ranks up there as one of the best all time for any goalkeeper but he’s played so many outstanding games for the Sounders that you sort of, as a coach, sometimes you almost go, ‘Okay, it’s expected.’ But you can’t ever become complacent. You can’t ever expect it. Big goalkeepers make saves at crucial points in the game and they don’t give up generally soft goals, and that’s what Kasey does. He makes saves at important junctures in the game to keep us in it and that keeps us in the game. He was able to do that for us tonight and he’s done that numerous times.” On what’s next for him after the season ends) “Chivas, next weekend… It’s going to be interesting to sit down at the end of the season and figure that all out. What I didn’t want to do was focus on something before I was done with something else and that’s truly the way I’ve always tried to approach this thing is I’m going to have a whole lot more years when people don’t want me to play than when they want me to play so while I’m playing, focus one hundred percent on the job at hand and then when the time comes, we’ll sit down and get that side of things taken care of. I’ve said all along, I’m not one of those guys that’s said, ‘I definitely want to be a coach,’ or ‘I definitely want to go into media,’ ‘I definitely want to go back room.’ I’m interested by a lot of things and I think what I’d love to do is wear a bunch of different hats and see which one fits right. I’m looking forward to that next step in the game.” On if he’s given Patrick Ianni a hard time about the play that led to Keller’s four-time saves) “No, no, no. I would have much rather preferred to sit here, have us win four-nil and I sat back there and took a few goal kicks. That would have been the ideal game for me. I think what we’re trying to achieve is to get ourselves in good form for the playoffs and confidence comes with results. Nobody wants – coming out of last week’s game – we don’t want to go into the last game at Chivas having lost two games at home and having that. So the focus is all on being ready to go for the playoffs and if I am called upon to make a couple saves, that’s my job. Do I prefer that I don’t have anything to do? Of course, but sometimes you have to do your job.” SAMMY OCHOAOn if he checked if he was onside after scoring the goal) “Nah, I didn’t really check. As soon as the ball went in, I just ran. I didn’t see the linesman. I was standing near the ref and everybody was running towards me so I was like, ‘It’s a goal.’”

On the size of the crowd) “There were a lot of people in here. I’ve never played with so many people in the stadium. It was nice. Nice because it was the last home [game] of Kasey’s regular season. It was fun, and thank god we got the win, too.”

On how important the win was) “I think it was really important. We didn’t want to lose at home since the last game against Philly we lost and there’s no more games at home, and to get this win was big. Plus we had the thing going with Kasey, so it made it better.”

FREDY MONTEROOn the large crowd) “It was just amazing. This is my first time playing with that many people in a regular MLS season, so it was amazing. Thanks to all the fans for the support and for coming here for Kasey’s last game.”

On if the crowd felt different than some of the well-attended friendlies) “Yeah, for sure. We had all those people cheering for us. When we played against Man U, at least half of the stadium was rooting for them. This was something special. I feel so proud to be part of this team and to play next to Kasey Kelller.”