Sounders Insider

Sounders hope to build attendance from last night; Hawks Nest might be part of seating solution

"I guess we need a bigger stadium," he said. "It’s obviously just amazing and continues to amaze all of us. I think probably not only people involved with the club or are extremely connected to soccer, but I think the entire community and sports world continues to be amazed about what this team has meant to the community, and I think it’s reflected in all the fans who are coming out and participating.

On whether the Hawks Nest might be opened next season:It’s a somewhat complicated issue that involves our good partners at Xbox and Microsoft. But they realize that the best thing for us is to continue to have a full stadium and the best atmosphere possible. We’ve had conversations about the Hawks Nest area, and it’s certainly something that we’re working towards. But nothing is determined yet. And we want to make sure that demand fits supply appropriately. If we had a waiting list of 15,000 season ticket holders, I think we’d be having different types of conversations. But we’re hopeful that we get to have that conversation and that we need those 2,000 seats for season ticket holders.

On whether the non-season-ticket holders from last night might be interested in signing up:I hope so. As I told someone before: The hand-to-hand combat starts Monday morning with all those people, whether for the Cup game, for last night’s game, or for Champions League are first-time or are not season-ticket holders. And for sure we’re going to (try to hook them). I imagine that people had some pretty good experiences. I think if it makes sense for them financially and time-wise, they might be prime targets for season ticket holders.