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Hanauer confident of re-signing Rosales; GK TBA

Adrian Hanauer said today that he is confident of re-signing midfielder Mauro Rosales ... and the Sounders GM didn't shoot down rumors that the club has an interest in signing veteran goalkeeper Michael Gspurning. (He was, at least, familiar enough to know how to pronounce the name...)

On Rosales:It’s continuing to progress. It’s one of those things were both sides are very confident, and I’m not sure there’s an enormous amount of urgency on either side, because I believe we’re comfortable. But it’s heading in the right direction, and there’s a lot of trust. It’s never over until it’s over, but I’m highly confident that we’ll have something done in weeks not months.

On Gspurning: We know Michael well. He was here during the summer. Big, very accomplished goalkeeper playing in Greece. He’s an Austrian. We certainly don’t have anything to announce. We have no contract, but he is a player that we like. We’ve made no secret that we are looking to potentially sign a goalkeeper for next season, although we’re also very confident in our young players here. If we get something done and dusted, we’ll certainly let everyone know.

Hanauer added that he would like to have any new goalkeeper signed by in time for the 2012 preseason.