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Yellow-card suspensions carry over in CONCACAF; they don't for MLS playoffs, but reds do

As Sigi Schmid puts together his lineups for the final CONCACAF group stage game tomorrow and the final MLS regular-season game Saturday, he also needs to keep in mind different rules in the different competitions in terms of yellow cards carrying over to the next round.

Here's what Schmid had to say about both after Sounders training this morning:

CONCACAF:If you pick up a second yellow card in this game – and we have a number of players on yellow cards because we played two more games than the other teams have because of the play-in games -- so, if that player picks up a second yellow card then he misses the quarterfinal first-round game. So we’ve got to be a little bit careful in our selections there as well. So we’ve got to put some guys on the field with yellows and make them aware with that, and maybe there are some guys that we have to hold off because of that.

MLSMy understanding is that if you get your yellow card – your fifth yellow or your eighth yellow – in the last game of the season you get fined, but it doesn’t carry forward into the playoffs. But we have to get that reconfirmed with the league. Every year they say, ‘Hey, we put that information out 10 months ago,’ and it’s like, ‘I can’t remember what happened a month ago, so don’t ask me to remember what happened 10 months ago.’ But that’s my understanding. That’s how it’s always been in the past. Red cards carry over.