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After 2-1 victory, Monterrey coach calls Sounders 'a great team that plays together well'

Sounders forward Sammy Ochoa says Mexican teams have traditionally had little respect for MLS sides, although that might be changing.

"I’ve been in Mexico five years and all the Mexican teams think that MLS teams are not good," he said after the Sounders lost to Monterrey, 2-1, at home on Tuesday. "Seeing Seattle, I think they’re thinking twice about playing MLS teams now, because MLS is getting a lot bigger and a lot better."

Speaking through a translator after the game, Monterrey coach Victor Vucetich showed considerable respect for the Sounders:

General comments) “We knew it was a very important match for both teams. A tie would had given the opposition the first spot. That interested us because we can play the second leg at home. The match was very even, very well fought, particularly in the midfield. Monterrey recovered that resolve to get the result in this important game.”

On goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco injury) “It’s too early to talk about the injury. It’s hard to draw a conclusion. Hopefully there will be time enough for him to be fit.”

On playing Seattle again) “This is the fourth match that we’ve played against the Sounders. The team caused a great impression. We know it’s a great team that plays well together. The game was even and well disputed from the beginning to the end, like the previous matches. A great game for the teams.”

On player changes from last game against Seattle…) “There were three or four changes from the last game. Neri Cardozo, Walter, Sergio Perez, Miguel Morales, Luis Perez. Five changes from the last game.”

On Sounders player that called attention) “A number of them, not just from this match, but from the historic and the statistics. For example, Montero is always very dangerous. Alonso can be very dynamic. Riley marked very well and has tremendous speed and can support the attack as well. Maybe I’m missing a few other names, but definitely a strong roster that plays well as a team and has strong individual talent as well.”