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Schmid: surviving expansion losses tribute to club

We asked coach Sigi Schmid about this today:

"It’s something that obviously we knew was coming," he said. "We’ve had to go through it now as well because we went through it last year. I think when you’re a quality team there’s always there’s always a chance that you’re going to lose somebody. And the way the rules are, you can’t protect everybody so sometimes you’ve got to leave somebody out there that you really don’t want to lose out there. But hopefully we don’t lose anybody and we’ll see. But those are decisions we’ll make at the time we have to.

A follow-up asked if it is something of a tribute to the club that it has improved its record each season despite losing one star to Philadelphia and a couple of useful role players to Vancouver."I think it speaks to our depth, more so than anything," he said. "The ability to lose three players – which obstensibly you’re assume you’re losing player No. 12 – there are 12 and 13 last year on your roster. … And for us to be able to do that and maintain and improve upon what we’re doing in league play, I think is a tribute to the club and a tribute to the depth that we’ve built up. There’s a lot of teams that haven’t lost anybody and still can’t climb it up. So it’s sort of a backhanded compliment when you lose players. It means that you’re doing something right because you’re producing players."