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Sounders react to 3-1 win in regular-season finale

SIGI SCHMIDOn the Rosales injury: “I’m not sure if we have to do an MRI. A lot depends on how he feels tomorrow. Today I think it was shock as much as anything else. He got hit right in the same spot, and I think he was more scared than anything else. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow and we’ll go from there.”

Overall thoughts on the result: “I would have preferred us to play to a zero at the end and not give up a goal, but I’d rather give up a goal when we’re leading three-nothing than when it’s zero-zero. I thought we did a good job. We’ve told our team that if we play to zero we’ll find a way to score. We’ve shown that capability all year, and we showed it again today.”

On Sammy Ochoa: “I thought Sammy played well. He’s been a good pick-up for us; he knows how to play the game and he does a good job holding the ball up for us as well. He’s courageous. He had to stick his head in there for the third goal, and he’s willing to do that kind of thing. He’s definitely been a very good addition to our team.”

Goalkeeper KASEY KELLEROn the result and Rosales Injury: “We stuck to our plan. We wanted to be a little bit tighter defensively then we were and hit them when we needed to. The team’s in a good place. Hopefully Mauro is not too injured, that’s the only real downside of the game… We’ve been able to cover for people all season, and I see no reason why we won’t be able to now as well. But hopefully it’s not as bad as it kind of looked, but other than that, very good day.”

On what was different this year, clinching the playoffs early: “The thought process from early on was keep doing what we’re doing, because we plan on going a lot further in the playoffs than we have before. It’s a different mentality. I’m not saying by any means that we’re looking ahead of anything. Salt Lake is a good team, and we know we need to be at our best. I feel maybe this year we’re at a better place starting the playoffs. But everything goes out the window now. It doesn’t matter what we did today, three months ago or at the beginning of the season. It’s just two games now, and we have to come out and play the way we’re capable of playing and we’ll be alright.”

Forward SAMMY OCHOAOn how many friends and family members the Southern California native had in attendance: “There was a bunch. A lot of people: friends and family. Probably like fifty I’d say. I didn’t know how many would come out, so I actually just saw some friends in the stands.”

On scoring in successive games: “I’m a little surprised. But the goals I made were both just push-in goals. Great balls from Mauro [Rosales] and [Fredy] Montero, so they get all the credit, I just push them in. The goals were scored from me, but they deserve 100% credit.”

On coming to MLS: “I’ve been thinking for the past three years. I’ve really wanted to come [to MLS] but my team didn’t really give me the chance to come on loan or anything. Finally after my contract was up I decided to come and thought it was a good move for me [to go to Seattle], and thank God it’s been going really well so far.”

Chivas coach ROBIN FRASEROn the game: “We started the game well. I thought our intensity and our focus was right. Certainly, our possession was right in the first half and defensively we were quite solid. We needed to sharpen up a bit in the final third; we talked about that during halftime. It’s been too many times we’ve spoken about playing well, playing decently and defensive miscues lead us to where we are. We’ve talked about it so many times this year and it’s disappointing we’re having the same discussion again.”