Sounders Insider

Sounders might let ticket demand exceed supply

Tickets for the Sounders' Nov. 2 home playoff game against Real Salt Lake went on sale this morning.

Speaking with the media this morning, general manager Adrian Hanauer sounded confident that at least the normal capacity of 36,000 or so will be filled ... but less certain that the organization will increase capacity to accommodate anything more than that.

"We’ve had really cursory discussions," he said. "We’ll see how the public on-sale goes today. But I think we lean toward wherever possible giving our season-ticket holders reason to be season ticket holders. I have very few doubts that demand will be greater than the current planned capacity, and maybe that’s an OK thing. … Anything beyond (the normal seating capacity of around 36,000) will be more of a philosophical discussion about what our strategy is. But again, I’m very comfortable with the idea that there’s a big benefit to being a season-ticket holder. And that is that you get into the big important games."