Sounders Insider

Hanauer: Blowing up this roster would be idiotic

Remember before this season when Sounders management indicated that it might be time to blow up the basics of this roster if there wasn't a breakthrough this season?

Never mind.

At least according to general manager Adrian Hanauer, any thoughts along those lines have become idiotic in light of the clubs' 18-7-9 regular season -- second best in the league.

"I think for me we’ve had enough success this year where I think it would be idiotic to suggest that if we got knocked out of the playoffs that we need to blow up the team and start over from scratch," he said. "But when the season finally comes to an end we’ll go into the deep dive and figure out what went well, what didn’t. Clearly a lot of things have gone very well for us this year. So win or lose, no matter what from here on out, we’re likely to try to incrementally and through tweaks try to get better as opposed to taking a blowup and rebuild approach."

The Sounders have made the playoffs in each of their first three seasons, but have failed to win a playoff series in either of those first two seasons.

"I think it’s important to the growth of our club," he said. "It’s going to happen – whether it’s this year or the next year or the year after – we’re certainly going to be a club that advances in playoffs. It’s not like it’s been nine straight years. I think it’s pretty early to call it a pattern. And it’s a tough league, and there’s a lot of parity, and each playoff series is independent and each year is independent. … So it’s not like everyone’s in the locker room worried that we’ve got this monkey on our back of not advancing through a playoff series. That said, we have high expectations of ourselves. We know that Salt Lake is a formidable opponent .. the third-best team in the league over the course of the year. And we really want to advance. We want to do that for ourselves. We want to do that for our fans. And we want to do it for the development of the club."