Sounders Insider

Knee injury could cost Rosales whole RSL series

An MRI Monday revealed that Sounders midfielder Mauro Rosales has re-injured the MCL in his right knee. Coach Sigi Schmid generally speaks cautiously about injuries, but I thought he sounded doubtful that Rosales will be ready for the playoff opener at Real Salt Lake this weekend, and less than certain the MVP candidate will even be ready for the series-ender next week.

"The MRI showed that he re-injured the MCL a little bit," Schmid said. "So, we want him to lay low for sure these next few days, and then we'll take it day by day after that. Again, we've got to let it calm down, and then we'll see how it proceeds from there. For this weekend, it's probably iffy; for Wednesday, we'll see."

Schmid also was asked if there’s a different approach for playoffs in regards to treating injuries and preparing.

“Yeah, probably, definitely," he said. "When you’re in the regular season you’re saying, ‘Let’s not let this be something that lingers and carries and carries and carries,’ but when you know you’re at a stage where you’ve got a maximum of four games you get to the point where it’s not going to linger after these games. If we can get something, let’s get something. It’s a decision we’ll have to come to. The long-term health of the player is also at stake. Mauro is a competitor -- you saw when he came in the San Jose game. He only knows how to play one way and that’s full out hard, so when he comes back out here that’s how he’ll play.”