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Schmid: 'We're a team that goes on the road to win'

I posted Sounders' coach Sigi Schmid's comments on the Mauro Rosales injury in an earlier post. Now, here's some more of what he had to say after training this morning at Starfire:

On if the feeling going into the playoffs this year is different than past years) “Yeah…I think we did a good job in that first year as sort of a, ‘That’s pretty good. Let’s pat ourselves on the back.’ Last year, because we got off to a poor start, it was a lot of work to get into the playoffs and there was almost a sense of relief. This year, there’s a sense of commitment that we’ve got more to do and we want to go further.”

On the team’s success in the last 15 minutes of games) “The continued belief in themselves, the character, the continued willingness to attack. We’ve also throughout the season, because we’ve played so many games and played so many players, been able to come up or come into the game with guys who have helped change a game. I think our subs have played a good role for us. You look at the San Jose game, Rosales comes in late…there were times where Neagle has come in off the bench. Ochoa has come in off the bench recently and made an impact…Fucito came off the bench early on in the season and had impact. If you look at that, our subs have gained a lot of confidence so when we bring them in I think it helps change the game for us. That helps us become dangerous at the end of games, as well.”

On how he is going to manage the two-game, aggregate goal playoff) “We’re a team that goes on the road to win. We’re not a team that goes on the road to tie. I think sometimes in all my years of coaching that when you put it in your team’s mindset, ‘OK, let’s just get out here, let’s get a tie out of this one, let’s just get a result, let’s just play it close,’ all of a sudden you take, sometimes, the edge off your team. I think we’ve been a good road team. I think they know that a tie is a good result. They’re smart enough to figure that out but we’re going to take what the game gives us. We’re not going to bypass chances to go forward and score goals just for the sake of getting a tie, so if we can get a win we’re going to try and get a win. We want to come out with at least a tie, so we want to keep the game close at all accounts. We want to make sure that the one goal we set for ourselves in the playoff is that we don’t want to be taking the first goal.”