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Rosales gets platelet injection, jogs a bit

The Sounders have finished training for another day.

Coach Sigi Schmid was asked how Mauro Rosales' is coming along from his knee injury.

"They did this thing called a platelet injection, which helps the healing process, speeds it along," Schmid said. "But that causes a little bit of soreness for a couple of days. The expectation going today was OK, just have him ride the bike and walk a little but, but he was actually jogging. So that’s good. So we’ll see how he progresses."

He also gave these health updates:

"Jaqua's back full and into training. Carrasco was pretty much fulll into training again. So, from that standpoint it was good getting those guys back."

Schmid also happily noted another marker of progress in the recovery of midfielder Steve Zakuani.

"Steve was pounding the ball," he said. "He had the gun in the holster -- he took it out of the holster there for a while and started pounding it on goal. So that was good to see. But then he disappeared, so I don't know. ... I'm pleased where he's at right now. I think he's pleased where he's at right now. You're always pleased when you have an injury like that. Sometimes the tunnel's so long that you don't really see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think he's now at that point, and what you saw him do with the shooting here, that he sees the light. It's there. It's there for him and he knows where it is and he knows the end of the tunnel is in sight, and that's very encouraging for him and it's very motivating for a player when he comes back from injury."