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RSL credits strongest lineup and good crowd

Reaction from Real Salt Lake after their 3-0 win over the Sounders tonight:

REAL SALT LAKE HEAD COACH JASON KREISOn getting Kyle Beckerman and Javier Morales back on the field at the same time:“I’d speak more to having everybody on the field at the same time - our strongest lineup. I don’t think we’ve had that ability to pick our absolute strongest lineup since the first leg of the (CONCACAF Champions League) final at Monterrey.” On whether or not Real Salt Lake kept their focus for 90 minutes:“Yeah, I was very, very pleased. For me that was a complete match, and we haven’t had a complete match of good soccer and good focus and the requisite commitment for a very long time.” On coming out with an aggressive mindset early in the match:“Yeah, and I thought our spirit was really, really high. And I’ll tell you what, that’s a credit to the crowd. That was the first time in a long time that I can remember at the beginning of the match looking around and saying, ‘the stands are almost full.’ Typically we have to wait until close to halftime to get the stands completely full and tonight they were almost full from before the kickoff. So it was a very, very loud start.” REAL SALT LAKE GOALKEEPER NICK RIMANDOOn the defensive effort making his job easier in goal:“One of our focuses was to keep a zero back there. We knew they had some lethal weapons up top and in the midfield and (we had) to stay compact. When you add a leader like Kyle Beckerman to the lineup it gives us a lot of defensive work, and he covers so much ground. He helped out a bunch, but all in all I think my job was pretty easy tonight because of the guys in front of me keeping it tight, keeping a high line and stepping to the ball.” On the injuries to center backs Nat Borchers and Jamison Olave:“Hopefully it’s nothing too serious with those guys, but again, guys stepped up and we said, ‘You know, the playoffs are when you step up,’ and we showed that we have some depth tonight and guys slid over and we got the win tonight.” On taking a 3-0 advantage to Seattle on Wednesday for the second leg:“Seattle is a tough place to play. You can’t be too comfortable with any score. They’re still a great team and they’ll be better at home, so we have to make sure we do everything right with our bodies, and I’m sure coach will have a game plan for us. 3-0 is a good lead, but I just think we need to continue to play well.” On the mentality that Real Salt Lake had going into the match:“We looked at some tape and I think everybody got a little bit disappointed from that last-minute goal against Portland, and we wanted to make a 90-plus (minute) effort tonight. We’re at home and we feel comfortable at home, and we know we can get our offensive chances if we play good defense.” REAL SALT LAKE MIDFIELDER NED GRABAVOYOn the way the match unfolded for Real Salt Lake:“It looked good. I obviously had to watch it as a spectator as well the first 60 or 65 minutes. It’s such a weird thing, you go into the playoffs and, obviously, we hadn’t been doing our best stuff, but we kept telling ourselves if we keep playing and working through it that the soccer’s going to show through. It doesn’t necessarily surprise me. This is a very veteran group and I thought it would turn around.” On RSL’s tactics going into the second half up 1-0:“To be honest with you, I think we felt pretty comfortable at halftime. We thought the most important thing was making sure we got a zero here on our home field. I think that when we defend well as a team like that, our chances kind of seem to come from that; they kind of come out of nowhere. I don’t think it’s a situation where we were like, ‘let’s throw numbers forward, let’s try to get another one.’ We were pretty confident that we’d find some chances in the second half by doing the things that we were doing and we did get some chances.” REAL SALT LAKE FORWARD ÁLVARO SABORÍOOn the team’s performance:“I think the team was sharp in all the positions.” On the injuries to Nat Borchers and Jamison Olave“I hope they get better soon and we have the whole team together again.”