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Sounders admit domination, say they can recover

A lot of the Sounders had already made their way to the bus before the media made it to the locker room. And a couple of others chose not to speak. But here's some of the reaction after their 3-0 loss.

Defender JAMES RILEYOn the result) It’s simple. We got dominated. There’s nothing much to say. Even with that, I thought we had chances, definitely. They’re a very good team. You’re not going to get a lot of chances away from home. Obviously we were on the wrong side of some unfortunate bounces as well, and that’s going to kill you. It’s simple, you just regroup and try to put it all on the line on Wednesday.

3rd goal change feeling in locker room) Yeah. I think the first one as well. We wanted to end the half at zeros and get a chance to regroup. A critical moment is right before halftime and we lost that one. It put us in a hole, and even at that we thought we could get one and equalize in the second half. Then the second one goes, and the third one is definitely a dagger. … Three-zero is definitely a hole we didn’t want to be in, but that’s the reality of it. It’s all on the line on Wednesday.

On locker room feeling) Everyone that loses 3-0 – especially in the playoffs with everything on the line. You work so hard to get to this point. We haven’t really gotten beat that bad in the three years when the games are on the line. Definitely it’s a trying moment for the group. We’ll see what type of character shows up Wednesday.

FREDY MONTEROIf club believes it can score four next week) Sure, why not. They won 3-0 against us. Why we can’t do the same.

What happened) We didn’t do good job. We didn’t win our duals.

MIKE FUCITOWe’ve just got to come out better than we did. Those are not goals we want to give up, and we created some chances but just weren’t able to put them away. Everything from top to bottom can be better. They were more physical. We’ve just got to be tougher all around.For me as a forward I want to get one back, but it goes both ways because you don’t want to push too far forward and then give up another one, but you want to chip away at the league.

Locker room belief) We have a lot to be upset about tonight, but come tomorrow we’ve got to put it behind us and do whatever it takes to turn the table the other way.

SAMMY OCHOAOn starting and losing) I was happy to get the start, but we didn’t get the win here. And the way we lost wasn’t a good start for me. So we’ve still got 90 minutes to go and we have to come out Wednesday and do the best we can to come out on top.

Tough for chances) They did a good job of pressing us. It was hard to get the ball. We’ve got to see the video to see what mistakes we made and go from there to get the win on Wedneday.