Sounders Insider

Schmid says Sounders objective is "a game you're not going to forget for a long time"

On watching the tape of Saturday’s game) “It’s always the same. When you watch the tape, it’s never as bad as you thought it was and it’s never as good as you thought it was when you play well. Obviously, [Alvaro] Saborio scored a great second goal but I thought we fell asleep defensively on the throw in, so my thoughts really didn’t change. Offside—is he off? Is he not off? It’s fairly close. A lot of linesmen would call that offside. They called offside on Saborio in the second half when he was three yards onside. Usually you’d expect the 50/50 calls don’t go the way of the forwards. It happened but watching it I just thought the same thing I felt at the end of the game. We turned the ball over far too easily. There were too many times where we won the ball and we gave the ball away, so that forces our shape to be to their offensive shape, which gives them the advantage. So we have to do a much better job of keeping the ball.”

On how they turn it around in the second leg at home) “You turn it around because you have to score four goals to win it, three goals to tie it up. Obviously the turf is a little more difficult for them to play on. We’ve got our crowd behind us so that’s a benefit for us, as well. I think we know what we have to do. We’re motivated. They obviously know that we’re going to come and go at them, so we need to make sure we don’t get countered on. Then we’ll see how they decide to play it.”

On the toughness of Sounders) “I just thought [RSL] was a little more physical than we were early in the game. The referee let it go a little bit. The challenge of [Jamison] Olave on [Sammy] Ochoa comes to mind. Ochoa needs to be stronger, the referee is going to let that go. [Alvaro Fernandez] got pushed off the ball a couple of times, as well. We just have to be stronger and be prepared for that.”

On the hard tackle on Fernandez) “[Fernandez] is doing OK. I think that tackle by [Robbie] Russell, Russell for sure got the ball first and it was a clean tackle of the ball, but with his trail leg he ended up getting [Fernandez] with it so we’re lucky nothing more seriously happened out of it. That tackle was just a reflection that they were…a little hungrier in the game than we were.”

On if there is a monkey on their back about losing in the first round) “Obviously there must be because we’ve done it two years in a row and we’re behind right now in year three 3-0. Everything sets up an opportunity so we have an opportunity here on Wednesday to come up with a great result. Hopefully, if we have a result that we want to have, it will be a game that people will remember for a long, long time. So that’s our objective—to create a game that you’re not going to forget for a long time.”