Sounders Insider

Schmid says this time the game wasn't too big for club

Here is Sigi Schmid's opening statement after tonight's 2-0 win left his Sounders one goal shot in the aggregate against Real Salt Lake, ending the season:

"Obviously disappointing that we didn’t get the third goal tonight to send it into overtime. I was proud of the way we played. I thought our effort was good, I thought our desire was good, I thought our soccer was good. I thought we have four or five really good looks in the first half and couldn’t get one in. … They save a couple off the line in the first half as well. If we could have snuck one in, it shows the importance of that late goal in Salt Lake to them.

"I think we showed our fans our character tonight. I know last year at the end of the playoffs, I said some people, the occasion was too big for them. I think tonight we finally figured out how we have to play in the playoffs and we got our first playoff win. We figured it out one game too late. If we would have played with 60 percent of this intensity in Salt Lake I think we would have been good. Hopefully it will make us a better team.

"It was still a great season for us. We accomplished a lot of things. We got more points, we won another Open Cup, we moved on to the next round of the CCL. All those things are showing our continued growth as a team.