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Fucito: 'I don't think we could have dominated any more'

Here's more Sounders' reaction from their final locker room of the season:

Lamar NeagleOn his goal) "Fredy just played a good ball. They really kind of converged on him and I was wide open...We can score goals and we put enough pressure on them the whole game, especially because it was around the 70th minute when I scored, so we knew we had a lot of time and we definitely thought we could put another one away." On if the goal boosted his confidence) "Yeah. You can say it's always difficult to get into the game when you're a sub. I think it was 13 minutes in I went in so not quite the best warm up I could get before going in, but I actually did the same thing against Salt Lake my first goal. It's just something that happens. I was definitely more into the flow of the game in the second half, so I was able to go out and do a lot better in the second half."

On out-shooting RSL 26-4 and not getting the third goal) "That's the way it goes sometimes. Like I said, we know we can score goals, so we were definitely going to go at them. With us going at them that hard they were backing off, so we felt we that we could get three but it just didn't fall that way." On if they felt they had something to prove) "Definitely. Going to Salt Lake and losing like that it's not something we wanted and planned, so we definitely had something to prove to ourselves. And for our fans we wanted to show them that we were a different team and I think we a good job of that. We put a good effort out. We were unlucky that we didn't get a third to fall. They were saving balls off the line. You can't knock them. They did a good job.

FREDY MONTEROOn the injuries early on) "That always is going to change the game but the important thing for us was our effort. We did a great job tonight and we are so proud because we played a very hard game. They were a really tough team but we didn't care. We just wanted to score three goals...but the third doesn't come."

On if the positives this season outweigh the negatives) "Yeah. I think when that kind of thing happens, when your team is losing and you never give up. It's going to be good for us for the next season. We are more mature. We know how to play playoffs right now and we are really sad because it was too late, but we need to focus for the next season."

On the end of Kasey Keller's career) "It means a lot. I think we lose a great part of the team. He's our captain. He's a very good friend but this is soccer. He has to leave but we have the rest of the team looking forward to playing and giving 100% of everything we have." MIKE FUCITOOn dominating the game) "I don't think we could have dominated any more. Our shot that gets cleared off the line, I just think sometimes you need a little luck...I think the fact we scored early in the second half and still had 25 minutes, we still put them under tons and tons of pressure...We were able to do that from minute zero through minute 95."