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Zakuani reveals nerves problem, hopeful for March

On his current recovery:I just haven’t done contact. … In my conversations with Sigi we agreed to work on the more technical stuff: passing, shooting, getting that comfortable and trying to build up the rest. Right now my goals are trying to get back to sprinting: That’s the last thing to come, you’re speed and stuff. I’m waiting for the explosiveness and speed to come back, and strength, and maybe even a little bit of a mental issue: Confidence in taking hits and stuff. That’s going to be a while. So that’s what I have four months to work on. I’m happy where I am. The doctors say I’m probably still a little bit ahead of where they thought I’d be because it’s a double leg break. But people don’t know I had compartment syndrome, which if you look it up it’s a very serious issue where your nerves could die. So I lost of a lot of nerves. So that’s been the main problem I had. The leg has been fine for a while, it’s just my nerves issue. But we didn’t want to say that for a while. I wanted to see if it’s going to come back, but it’s starting to come back and that’s the main issue. I lost a lot of nerves down my right side. I lot a lot of sensation in my foot and as a footballer you need your foot.

On what's next:Training. My season sort of starts now I guess. Well, it started a while ago. I’ve just been training, Monday through Friday, take my weekends off and try to be ready for preseason. I already kind of had my offseason when I went back to England for a couple of weeks, so my plan is to get here and try to get fit so I can at least go with the guys when they come for preseason.

On if he'll be totally ready for start of season:That’s my aim. I’m not aiming to be ready to go by January. That’s unrealistic. But by March I’d like to be able to play in the games. This is the first week of November, and … I’ve got an extra four months to get ready. I think it’s obviously more than possible, and I think I will be. It’s just about putting the work in.