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Key Sounders say they expect to return next season

However, several of the international players often involved in transfer rumors all said today that they are happy in Seattle and plan to return ... perhaps for the long haul.

Some responses (with Alonso and Fernandez speaking through interpreters):

OSVALDO ALONSO: I’m still right here in Seattle and I’m happy here. If in the future there’s a different opportunity that will be the right moment, but right now I’m happy where I am.

FREDY MONTERO: I’m happy here. I’m so proud to be Sounders. You as a player, you never know. (If) offers are coming we have to think about it, and if it is going to be better for me and my family and my future, we have to be focusing on what is good for me. But I’m happy here in Seattle.

MAURO ROSALES: I think (a new contract is) almost done. We have a few details. I will wait a little bit more, but I think in this week, everything is going to be news about what it’s going to be. … I don’t want to put a limit in how many years I’m going to be here. I want to be a long time here. Seattle my team, eh?

ALVARO FERNANDEZ: I’m very happy here in Seattle. I’m happy how my season went on a personal level and I’m proud of the team on a team level. I would be very happy to stay here. I’m planning to stay here. Every year I feel more comfortable and I’m looking forward to the season.