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Schmid on other Sounders' personnel matters

I've highlighted some of the Sounders main off-season personnel matter in a few posts below. Here are a few of the leftovers, from coach Sigi Schmid:

On guys exceeding expectations this year and how it affects the team’s attitude) “As a player, you always look upon it and you’ll always say, ‘Well, coach has his favorites. He’s going to play this guy or he’s going to play that guy.’ What’s good when you see guys emerge like a Lamar Neagle, who’s probably the most prominent example on our team, when you see him emerge and say, ‘Oh, Sigi’s playing him.’ It’s like you know what, it doesn’t have anything to do with who’s been with the team or your longevity or who you think I like or not like. My only objective is to put the best players on the field. So when the guys see that all the other guys realize, ‘Hey, if I do my job then I can get on the field, as well.’ I think it’s always great when you can produce from within and you can have guys grow and add playing time to their resume. That’s something we’ve been able to do over the years here.”

On the midfield going into next season) “Well, it’s always good to have quality players. So the more quality players we have the better it is. We also need guys ready to go on March 7 so we have to be aware of that factor. When is Steve Zakuani going to be full form? When is O’Brian White going to be in full form? Obviously our expectations are that they are going to make full recoveries to where they were but sometimes that doesn’t happen so we have to be prepared for that, as well. It could be crowded. That’s something we’re talking about now. We also want to improve ourselves in some areas so that might require some changes also. Sometimes if you have to make trades or you have to make changes, sometimes you give away from an area that you have some depth in order to acquire something from an area that you don’t enough depth in, so that’s where we’re at.”

On possible position changes) “Guys from outside could end up going forward. Guys from inside could go backward. We have to look at how we can make our team just a little bit better to get over the hump and get ourselves a Supporters’ Shield and a MLS Cup. That’s our goal for next year and if we can take the Champions League along the way we’re certainly not going to turn that down. It’s something that we’re going to discuss. It’s what we’ll be doing as a coaching staff, as a technical group, as an ownership group, looking at what are the options available to us that can take us that next step.”

On offseason surgeries) “No -- from that standpoint we’re actually pretty good. The last couple of years we’ve had quite a few guys have to do offseason surgeries. Last year I know it was [Terry] Boss and Jeff [Parke] and [Nate] Jaqua and [Pat] Noonan and so forth. So this is very good, even a guy like [Brad] Evans who with his ankle, last offseason we had to shut everything down because of a patella tendon injury. I think one of the things we’re looking forward to is we should come into preseason with guys, who last year weren’t able to do a lot, being able to do more. Even Steve Zakuani and O’Brian White are getting closer to that stage where hopefully by mid-December, for sure by early-January, are able to really pull the load and be ready when we start.”

On if anyone will train overseas) “We might have that opportunity for a few of the guys. That’s something we’re going to discuss. We’ve got individual player meetings coming up Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and that’s something we’ll talk about in those meetings.”

On if Miguel Montano will be part of the preseason next year) “That’s something that’s a little gray right now. Obviously, he was at Montreal and we want him to be able to return to a situation that makes the most sense for him. So whether it’s here or whether it’s at Montreal or whether it’s back in South America, that’s something we’re discussing right now, as well.”

On who will be the next captain) “That we’ll figure out next year. That sort of shakes itself out by themselves. In all my years I very rarely have a team vote on it because I don’t want it to turn into a political campaign…We’ll see how it shakes out next year.”