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GM overview: "Tremendous season in a lot of ways"

I'll be adding to this with several posts of Hanauer news and opinion throughout the afternoon.

But I'll start here, with his overview heading into the off-season:

"I’m happy with the season. I think it was a tremendous season in a lot of ways. Obviously disappointed at the end – still more to prove. I remember saying to you recently that (losing two opening playoff series) I wasn’t ready to say is a pattern … Three times, I have to say it’s getting closer to a pattern. So what do we need to do to change that? But I’m a big believer in statistics, and statistically we were the second-best team in the league this year. W were the best offensive team in the league. We were good defensively, but that’s an area we need to get a little bit better. We won another tournament. Qualified for Champions League quarterfinals -- which was a very important goal of ours. Came up short in the playoffs. So, not completely satisfied, but my gut tells me there are 15 or 16 other teams that would gladly trade with us for this past season.

"I’ve also said this before: When you’re really bad, it’s easy to make a lot of progress. When you’re really good, that extra 5, 7, 10 percent is the difference, but it’s really hard. Now we have to keep doing those little things that get us that extra bit of energy at the right times, of intensity at the right times, of athleticism at the right times, leadership at the right times, goal-scoring at the right times, defensive stops … it’s the details. And that’s what we do in the off-season."