Sounders Insider

2012: One big friendly, open Hawks Nest, new turf

Here is some of what general manager Adrian Hanauer had to say today about some in-stadium plans for 2012:

Q: Have you discussed a strategy for friendlies next year?AH: "I think we want to do the same thing, which is one big friendly. Same plan, unless our reserve team needs to pick up a few more games, that's something we would consider. Whether we bring a game into Starfire or something like that, but generally speaking the same plan as this past year."

Q: Any decision on seating configuration?AH: "I don't think that we have sort of finalized anything. I think we're leaning towards opening up the Hawks' Nest, which would bring capacity up to about 38,500 or something like that. Potentially doing another sort of three-game package, or four-game package, next year in conjunction with the friendly that increasing capacity again for those games and try to break our 2011 attendance record."

Q: Any update you can provide on replacing the turf?AH: "I remain highly confident that there will be a new field next year and we should something to announce in the next couple weeks."