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Though not selected as MLS coach of the year, Schmid rates his 2011 performance 'a good one'

Here's what Schmid has to say last week when asked to rate the job he did with the Sounders, who overcame injuries to finish second in the league, win U.S. Open Cup and advance in CONCACAF Champions League.

Yeah, I think it was a good one.

It’s funny, even though it was probably my worst record ever, I think my first year at Columbus was probably one of the best seasons I coached, just because of the fact that we had in that season we had at one point 35 percent of our cap out injured. … And we were able to keep going. We never lost the locker room. The guys kept believing. Though we had a bad record and finished at the bottom, we were starting to be able to assemble the pieces. I was really happy with the job that year because I had never had a losing team, and I always wondered, ‘If I ever had a losing team, I going to lose these guys. They’re going to go off to left field, they’re not going to believe in the coach.’ And for us to be able to keep their focus and keep them motivated and keep them trying and not lose the locker room, I thought was great.

So, this year’s job was different, but again, I’m happy with it. But it’s more than just me. The assistant coaches I have here are tremendous. They do a great amount of work. As you get older as a coach – I’m sure it’s the same for (LA coach Bruce Arena) – you’re still out there – I’m still more of a hands-on coach than some guys. But you also step back a little bit more, so they hear other voices a little bit more, so it becomes a little more delegating duties at the right time, so you – I don’t know if evolve is the right word – but for sure you change as a coach. I’m happy I’ve been able to change with the times and adjust and so forth.

So yeah, I’m happy with the job I did. But every year is different. I think I do a good job every year, but I’m sure there are people that disagree.