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New broadcasting voice has British accent like Arlo; but unlike Arlo, he won't be the only voice

In one notable way, new voice-of-the-Sounders Ross Fletcher is like Arlo White: both have notable English accents and histories.

In one notable way, they are different: White was the Sounders' lone voice, while Fletcher will share the broadcast booth with analyst Kasey Keller.

Here's some of what Fletcher, 32, had to say today on both topics:

On why the club seems to like its voice to have a British accent: From the British point of view – I’m being very British, we often blow our own trumpet, I guess, it’s just our way -- we are pretty much considered as world-leading broadcasters when it comes to soccer: We have that heritage, we have that brand with the BBC that is a world-renowned and world-respected brand, and we are the best at what we do.
On sharing the broadcast booth: I’ve worked probably 95 percent of my career with a guy beside me, and that’s very much the prescribed way in the U.K., and the way that it’s done in the U.K. That is what I’ve always been comfortable with doing, and I love the chance it gives you to have a bit of a relationship and build that kind of bond with someone, while at the same time making it a three-way conversation, because you’re always talking to the fans first and foremost. But you can really add an extra dimension with the call with someone like Kasey who will bring another perspective, if you like, that as seem from the U.K. particularly is really, really important. It’s another voice. It gives you a different angle on things.