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Fletcher says Keller brings "expertise, enthusiasm"

Here's some more from today's conference call introducing new Sounders play-by-play guy Ross Fletcher:

On his feelings about coming to Seattle) “I’m hugely, hugely excited. Also, massively privileged to be given the chance to come over and continue what has been an amazing journey so far for Seattle in the first three seasons in MLS. When I was looking at the job and seeing it was a possibility, the one thing that really, really stood out for me was the absolute passion that Sounders fans have for their team. To see that you get…sellouts week in and week out, just rings true so much about what I’ve heard about the place—that it’s an exciting place to be, the city itself is fantastic, that I get a chance to call what is already a very well-established and exciting team. I can’t wait to get started, particularly having Kasey Keller alongside me, as well, to do that double combo on the call. To me, just a wonderful, wonderful chance to expand on my humble commentary career so far.”

On working with Kasey Keller as analyst) “I haven’t had a chance to meet Kasey yet being over in the UK and Kasey being [in Seattle]. Kasey is well-known to me already through the years he spent over in the UK, strutting his stuff with the likes of Milwall and Spurs and Leicester. To be able to have a guy with his breadth of experience alongside me to add that color to the game is going to be terrific. The other thing I think really adds the critical dimension to the call is that he’s already a hero. He’s a hero in Seattle. He has such a resonance with the fans, they’ll hang on his every word—hopefully they’ll hang on my every word, as well—and it’s a brilliant chance to be hopefully one of the top double-acts in the MLS. He’ll bring the experience, hopefully I’ll bring the expertise and enthusiasm from a commentary point of view.”

On his relationship with former Sounders FC broadcaster Arlo White) “Me and Arlo go back many, many years—over 10 years—as BBC colleagues…We’ve worked for a long time in professional capacity at BBC Radio Sport, and bizarrely enough, back in the UK, we live about ten minutes apart, surely by chance.”

More on his impressions of Seattle when he visited) “Superb city. The club itself and the infrastructure is just first-rate, first-class. It was very clear to me that the organization of the Sounders and Seahawks are a tremendous organization. The city itself just kind of topped it off for me—it struck me as a place with real culture, a great vibe about it. It seemed in the short time I had there it had an easygoing feel even though it’s a city of several million people, and that really, really appeals to me. I thought, ‘Yeah, this is somewhere me and my wife can live very, very easily.’”