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Sigi's opening statement after first day of training

Here's Sigi Schmid's opening statement after watching Sounders FC's first day of training. It's kind of Blair Witch Projecty shaky video, but things should get better.

Schmid talked to the assembled media after presiding over two training sessions: first mostly newcomers, then mostly veterans. We asked him about choosing that format.

"We changed a little bit the second activity, and we went a little bit shorter with the second group," he said. "So that was really the only difference. Tomorrow you’ll see more of a difference because we want to do some shooting, some crossing, some finishing that we’re not necessarily going to do with the second group. It’s to manage the numbers a little bit better, and to get a better look at the new players we felt that this was a good way to go."

A couple of other logistical issues:

Schmid said the club thought about making up yesterday's canceled session by shifting it to Sunday, currently an off day. However, he decided keeping the off day was the better way to go.

He also said the first cuts will likely come next weekend, before the club's Jan. 30 departure for Arizona training.

I'll be back with more -- text -- later.