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Kasey Keller watches as ex-Sounder for 1st time

Former Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller -- there's a phase that takes some getting used to -- was at Starfire Sports Complex this morning, his first time watching his old team train.

He met with media for a few minutes afterward, and here are some highlights:

Q: What was it like out here today?KK: "It was cool. It was nice. It was nice having Joe (Roth) and Drew (Carey) and getting to know some of the faces. I know it's a little bit early and you don't know who's going to be around when it all shakes up at the end. It's fun. It was hard because I really didn't know how I would feel, and it feels right. That's cool."

Q: Have you spoken to new keeper Michael Gspurning? KK: "Oh yeah. But I showed up right when training was starting, so it wasn't a case of sitting down and talking with anybody. That time will come later, let everyone do their job. I don't want to be a distraction and get in the way of anything. It was nice to be able to be here when there were plenty other distractions with the big bosses here. That was good, but it's so early in preseason that it's just interesting to see how it's all going to go down. It's nice to see some of the young kids. It looks good."

Q: How are you preparing for the broadcasting future?KK: "Once Ross (Fletcher) gets over I assume I'll follow his lead. Obviously he's got a little more experience than I do, but we'll probably queue up some old games and run through it like it was him and I doing that game. As long as we can just mute out Arlo everything will be good (laughs) ... Good luck with that. It probably just resonates (laughs)."

Q: Are you planning on doing this for the long term?KK: "I have no idea. I think the longest I ever played at a club was four years, so I wasn't exactly a person that did the same thing the whole time. It might be something that is what I do and it might just be something that I do for a short period of time. I don't know. I'm just looking forward to starting and having some fun."

Q: On why he waited to show upKK: "I think what it really came down to was I didn't want the first day of training to be about me. The first day of training was about the new guys that came in and getting their stuff going. It was nice to be able to say hi to the guys and come in at this stage after the first week has kind of gotten out of the way."

Q: Have you talked to your new broadcast mate Fletcher?KK: "Email. A couple emails back and forth. I reminded him of a game that I played at Leiceister, we were playing at Derby County and we were 4-0 up after 16 minutes. I reminded him of that. He needed to do a little better research because he reminded me of a game when I wasn't at Leicester at that time, which was fine."