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Rose, Estrada win Sounders beep tests

Sounders Andy Rose and David Estrada were the last men running the beep tests on this first morning of two days of fitness testing at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton.

The video above shows the early portion of the second test, won by Estrada.

After, we spoke to fitness coach David Tenney about what the test shows...

Physically: A lot of it’s position-specific. If you’re a midfielder, that’s a very, very important test for you – especially your ability to resist fatigue. Central defenders and strikers, statistically they’re not doing as much running. Maybe it’s not as close of a correlation. But definitely we see there’s a pretty close correlation between risk of injury, fatigue and this starting point at the beginning of preseason.

... and mentally: That’s the thing too. Scoring in the 89th minute or coming back in the 89th minute, there’s a physical component just as much as there’s a mental component. You see our game in Kansas City last year where we scored two goals in the 90th minute playing in the heat. OK, there’s a physical aspect. But there’s also a pretty big mental aspect. That test is a test of mental fortitude as much as physical fortitude.