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Beep-test winner Andy Rose talks about fitness

Andy Rose, the rookie midfielder from England by way of UCLA, was won one of the two fitness beep tests the Sounders conducted today at the VMAC. (The other was won by David Estrada, also of UCLA.

Afterward, I talked to Rose about the test and about his first week as a professional.

Did you expect to do that well?AR: Coming from a school like UCLA we have a lot of guys who really push us—we have a lot of fit players over there. Growing up I’ve always been pretty fit and pride myself on fitness and working in the off-season and coming in prepared. I used to work out a lot with David Estrada at UCLA, so that probably explains it.

How hard is that? Do you sort of look to the side to see who's dropping out?AR: There comes a part where a lot of guys start dropping off and you just want to win. Being a midfielder maybe I have a little more capacity than at some of the positions, but you just want to win. At the end of the day it comes down to mentality and you just have to fight. In the 85th, 86th minute of the game it’s the same thing: You’ve just got to keep fighting and chasing down balls. It’s a similar sort of thing, and if you have that mentality I think you do OK.

How has your first week gone?AR: It’s brilliant. It’s definitely a step up. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed. The coaching staff has been brilliant with me. There’s a lot of guys trying to make the team and just a few roster spots left, so you’ve got to keep working hard, go home, rest, do everything right during the day, and then come back the next day prepared to give it your best shot.

Has the week convinced you that you can play here?AR: You hope so. I wouldn’t say that yet. Seattle is probably the best team in the league, there are a lot of great players here. So you just want to keep testing yourself and prove yourself and gain the respect of your teammates. That’s what I’m focused on right now. Whatever will happen in the future will happen. Hope for the best and do the best you can.