Sounders Insider

GM says Sounders would need to "rise to the occasion" of NBA and NHL coming to Seattle

With rumors of a new arena in Sodo, and the potential re-entry of the NHL and an NHL team into the market, we asked general manager Adrian Hanauer today what two new major sports teams in town might mean to the Sounders.

"I don’t know," he said. "But thankfully, it’s not in my hands. Generally as a Seattle guy, anything that improves the quality of life in the region, the development in the city, I’m in favor of. And if there’s competition, we just have to rise to the occasion and be good competitors and good partners."

Hanauer was asked if the organization had discussed the implications.

"I’m sure everyone individually has thought about it," he said. "But this latest news flying around is still a little bit new, and we certainly haven’t gotten together and talked. And quite frankly without our organization there’s the Seahawks, there’s Vulcan sports and entertainment, the Sounders, there’s the stadium. All of those opinions may not necessarily be the same. But I think generally, everybody wants development and quality within our community."