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Johansson's goal in Seattle: "Win a lot of titles"

Before the Sounders left for Florida last week I got a chance the local media got a chance to speak with new Sounders defender Adam Johansson.

Here is what he had to so:

On training so far) I think it’s fine. Arizona was really good. The pitches might be a little bit hard, but the training was good.

On why he came to MLS and Seattle) It’s a long trip for me from Sweden. It’s a big step, but it was the best move for me at this time, I think. I’d been in Gothenburg (Sweden) for seven years. It felt good to get out of there an see something else.

On why Seattle specifically) The spectators. The crowd. It’s a big team in America.

On his expectations of coming here) I hope to come here and win a lot of titles.

On time with the Sweden national team delaying his arrive in Seattle) I don’t think it’s a problem. I went with the national team … and had good training. It doesn’t matter I think.

On possible duty with the national team in summer) I’m not there yet, but we have one meeting before they take out the team. Hopefully, I can be there.

On chemistry with the reworked Sounders back line) It’s getting better and better I think. You need to know each other a bit to play really good defense, but we’re getting better and better I think.

On playing behind Mauro Rosales) It’s going to be easy. He’s a great player.

On knowing former Sounder Erik Friberg) We come from the same club, so obviously I’ve been talking to him. And when I was here before, I met with him and talked a lot about the team and the city. I knew what I was getting into.