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Sigi's comments on 3-0 win over U17s

Our thanks to the Sounders for providing the transcripts of Sounders coach Sigi Schmid's postgame comments on the Sounders 3-0 win over the US U17 men's national team:

Schmid's general thoughts:

"It was good. It was an exercise. It allowed us to play some guys who hadn't been getting a lot of minutes. Obviously with the red cards yesterday players like [Amadou] Sanyang and [Jhon Kennedy Hurtado] needed to get some minutes in today for fitness. It's good for Sammy [Ochoa] to get 60 minutes for his fitness, as well. I thought in the first 35 [minutes] we did well. We created a number of chances. Even in the second 35 [minutes] we should have had some goals but I think we were a little more disjointed and so forth. Our passing wasn't as good in the second half."

On the team's effort:

"The effort was good. Guys know that they are battling. They are trying to position themselves not only on the roster but also within the hierarchy, the playing order within the roster. I think there's obviously guys that stepped up and did well for themselves. David Estrada did well for himself again, scored a good goal. He's been making good decisions. [Christian] Sivebaek was an influence on the game again which is what you want to see from players. From that standpoint, it was very good."

On David Estrada's and Sammy Ochoa's performance:

"They each bring different skills and abilities to the play. David is very active, runs very hard, gives you the ability to stretch the defense because of his speed and because of his activity. But where he has really improved his game is his head is up. He finds his passes earlier. He was unlucky not to score on that header with the goalie off the line, did well with that. Ochoa is a guy who can play into feet. He can hold onto the ball. He's a good passer, as well, like the ball he played through to David today for his goal. And he's somebody that when he gets his opportunity-he missed a couple today that I think he should have done better with-but then when he is in on the breakaway he finished with the outside of his right [foot]. Both of those guys have something that they add to our team that's a little different."