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Schmid says White injury and Ochoa underperformance led to trade for Johnson

Sigi Schmid just completed a conference call with local media. I'll be back with details and direct quotes soon, but here are some tweeted highlights:

I thought the most interesting parts were his comments that it was the injury to O'Brian White and the under-performance of Sammy Ochoa that opened the door to the trade for Eddie Johnson:

"I think certainly if O’Brian White wasn’t injured and hadn’t gone through what he went through last year, maybe we’re not talking about this trade. But that wasn’t the situation, that wasn’t where we were at, and we have a concern certainly as to when O’Brian is going to be able to play again or come back. That’s something that we’re still in the final stages of trying to draw some conclusions on. Sammy Ochoa is a player that I thought came on very well for us at the end of last year and can still do some good things. But he’s a player that needs to continue to work and work on the physical side of his game as well. So he’s probably left the door open a little bit, per se, and that’s the way it is in professional sports and we’ve got to make sure that we’ve got our bases covered and we’ve got possibilities. I think O’Brian being out injured and Sammy maybe not being quite as sharp as we had hoped at this point, yeah, had an impact on us a little bit.

I'll be back with more, probably in a new post to be added soon.