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MLS/Sounders announce Reserve League schedule

Major League Soccer has announced its Reserve League schedule for 2012.

Here's the Sounders Reserve schedule:

Here's the full release from

Here's more information from MLS:

Major League Soccer today announced the schedule for the 2012 MLS Reserve League season. Each of the 19 MLS clubs will participate in 10 matches for a total of 95 Reserve League games. The full MLS Reserve League schedule is below.

The league will again be divided into Eastern, Central, and Western conferences with each team playing all games within their conference. The club list for each conference can be found below.

Teams in the six-team Central and Western conferences will face each conference opponent twice, once home and once away. Teams in the seven-team Eastern Conference will play an unbalanced schedule, facing four of their conference opponents twice, home and away, one additional conference opponent at home, and the remaining club once on the road.

Teams may at their discretion schedule additional exhibition games for their reserve squads against non-MLS opponents.

At the conclusion of the Reserve League season the team with the most points out of all three conferences will be determined the Reserve League Champion. As in Major League Soccer, three points is awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss.