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Sounders new voice finally gets his eyes on team

This was the local media's first real exposure to Fletcher since his introductory press conference, so we asked what he's been up to since then.

"It’s been a crazy few weeks for me personally, just getting everything in order," he said. "… Really great first impressions. For me it’s been really great to see the guys: get some eyeball time because with them being away and me being here only a week I haven’t been able to see them. But it’s helped me get the nuts and bolts of settling down in Seattle in order: getting a place to live and finding a car and getting a Social Security number. So it’s been an experience."

Fletcher's new listening audience will get a chance to hear him as early as Wednesday, although his debut will sort of roll out in the same way as the Sounders' new season.

"The first broadcast is to be part of the preseasaon special on Wednesday," he said. "So you’ll be able to hear a little bit of me: We’ll be doing little parts of the game on TV as part of the preseason special, so you’ll get a little flavor of me there. And then on radio for the Santos game, so that’s the first 90 minutes as it were. Then the first big TV game of course is the season kickoff on the 17th against Toronto when everything really kicks into life for the season."

Fletcher said he wasn't sure if his boothmate Kasey Keller also will be part of those broadcasts. However, that should clear up tomorrow when the two meet and begin working together for the first time.

"I’m in practice with Kasey in the office tomorrow," Fletcher said. "He’s been away in Hawaii, so I haven’t had a chance to meet him face-to-face, but we’ll stick on our headphones tomorrow and see we get on. I’m sure it will be great. He’s a great pro. ... From the bits I’ve seen on him on TV, I’m sure he’ll be a great fit."