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Zakuani: "In best shape of my career"

Some highlights:

On how he feels: I feel I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in my career. I did a lot of work in the off-season. I was in touch with Dave Tenney – fitness coach – every two or three days. Even when I was in London and even when I went on my vacations, I kept myself in shape because I knew that I was working from a deficit last year. Dave knows his stuff, and now all indications are I’m at the fittest point I’ve been – ever – like in terms of the testing they’ve done so far. I feel good. This is my fifth time around doing this now, so I’ve been around, and I feel in great, great shape.

On if his progress at the end of last season gave confidence that's carried over: It gave me a lot of confidence. I know we lost to LA, but from a personal standpoint I was very happy, because I knew already at that point I was ready to perform at that kind of level. When the moment came I felt ready, and of course I feel better now that I’ve checked off the phantom mark of can I get back to feeling like I did before, and I did. And then I had two months to really get away and work hard and get myself up. Because, remember, last year at this time I came into training camp and I couldn’t even jog – it was just too much for me. Now, it’s fine. It’s just like I was before. I’m full of confidence now. I’ve feeling good. I’m just happy to be back and I feel there’s confidence in the team.