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Sounders scrimmage: Schmid singles out Zakuani, Estrada, Sodade, and rookies Yedlin, Zavaleta

LogoSoundersSounders FC went through its first 11-v-11 full-field scrimmage today, with coach Sigi Schmid playing returnees against newcomers.

Here is some of Schmid's reaction:

Overview: Anytime you can play 11-v-11 it’s good. You could see the difference, obviously, between our players and the trialists – which is also a good thing. That’s what you should see. It was good for us to see some guys: how they’re playing, how they’re doing. I think for the guys, they always enjoy playing. It was obviously a nice day for Steve Zakuani – he had some good moments in the game. I though David Estrada had some good moments as well. Baba got pushed into service with Sammy Ochoa being sick, and he well. Rosales, the midfield, Andy Rose – overall I thought it was a good performance from a lot of people.

On rookie DeAndre Yedlin vs. Zakuani: It was a good lesson. It’s something that I wanted. Steve’s a good enough player, he’s embarrassed a few guys. So early on in the game, Steve ended up getting behind DeAndre and just missed scoring a goal, and got behind him another time. But there were a couple of other times where DeAndre stood him up fairly well. It’s just a learning curve type of thing. It’s a reminder that I still have a learning curve, I still have things to do, to improve upon. The way it is is it’s like you’re a senior in high school and you think you know it all, and then you go away to college and you find out that no you don’t have it figured out yet. And then you’re a senior in college, and you say, ‘Oh, I’ve got it figured out now,’ and you enter the real world and you realize you don’t have it figured out yet. DeAndre had it figured out on the college level, and he’s a good player and he’s going to figure it out on the pro level, but he knows he doesn’t have it all figured out yet and he still needs to work on it, but he’s going to be a very good pro.

On top draft pick Eriq Zavaleta converting to central defender: Zavaleta had good moments and bad moments. His passing out of the back is very, very good. He got matched up with Baba and he held his own there. … I think he did all right, especially considering he hasn’t played defense day in and day out in a long time. So a lot of times when I experiment with players at a lot of different positions, I don’t give them a lot of instruction. I throw them back there and I see how much of it is there. If there’s nothing there. If you’re starting at 10 percent and you have to add 90 percent, you’re not going to make it. So, just throwing him back there, and he hasn’t played there in a long time, he’s got 70-75 percent of what you need back there, and the other 25 percent we can definitely teach.