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Schmid on Shalrie Joseph and Sounders: "It's probably not going to happen"

That's the implication some of us took from coach Sigi Schmid's media interview after training today.

Schmid was clear that Shalrie Joseph's time with Seattle will not extend into Tucson training next week unless a deal is struck with Chivas USA. And he seemed to indicate that is unlikely.

The conversation began with a general question about how Joseph is fitting in through two days of training.

Schmid: Obviously it’s very evident that he hasn’t trained in a while, it’s evident that he’s very much behind physically as well. He still needs improvements in that regard. You can see little sparks of what Shalrie has brought over the years – that’s why he was a Best XI player – but he’s still a ways away from that form. So having him here for a couple of days of training gave us a chance to evaluate him and see where he is, how far away he is from what we think is his top form, and he gets a chance to see where he’s at, because obviously Chivas didn’t have him train there, so he needed to measure himself. There were some good spots, but there’s also still a lot of growth and improvement for him, because he knows what kind of caliber of player he is and where he’s played at.

Noting the past-tense of that answer, we followed up asking if Joseph does not go on to Tucson with the Sounders unless a deal is struck with Chivas.

Schmid: Yeah. I’m sure we’re going to sit down and talk to them, but there are a lot of hurdles to jump over and hoops to go through in order to make that happen. So, for us right now it’s just the opportunity to look at him and see if there’s anything that’s there. Right now I have absolutely no idea. I’m sure there’s a number of other teams that probably have an interest in him, but it’s all going to come down a little bit to what Chivas wants to do, what Shalrie wants to do as well. But at the end of the day, it’s something that it would be great if it happens, expectations are no that it’s probably not going to happen.