Sounders Insider

Top priorities: Identify forward, central defender

The Sounders begin training at 10 this morning in Tucson. Before flying out, this was what coach Sigi Schmid identified as the club's top priorities over these two weeks in Tucson.

"The most important thing for us now is just to really put the pieces of the team together, to work now on our team shape defensively, to work on our offensive cohesion and understanding, to get the pieces of the puzzle on the field together," he said. "Who are we going to play up front next to Eddie right now in the short term? Who are we going to play in the back right now next to Kennedy? Those are some of the immediate questions that we’ve got to answer in the next two weeks and see where we’re at as we start the season. The opening game of the season, we don’t have Burch – he’s out (one game due to league suspension carrying over from the 2012 playoffs) – so we have to be prepared for that."