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Schmid cites Martinez, Yedlin, Remick, Zavaleta, Lund, Caskey, Fairclough in win over RSL

On the game: It was good. It was good to give our first group another run out and see the reserve guys come in and score two goals. It was very good. It was good to have Mario Martinez back—he scored a fantastic goal, very reminiscent of the goal he scored in Salt Lake. Winning game is always better than not winning games and I’m pleased with how the team is going.”

On the play of the defense: The defense has played well, for sure. They’ve done a good job of limiting the opportunities for the opponents, so I think that’s helped us get those shutouts. Michael Gspurning I think has played well in goal. I think [RSL] was close once in the first half and they had a close-in free kick opportunity, as well. For the most part I think we limited the chances of the opponent and that was good.” On the play of Mario Martinez: The reason Mario was with the second group today was because he had only gotten in yesterday, so for him we didn’t want to push him too much too early or put pressure on him—get his legs with our team. He’s a quality player. He offers something to our team. He was able to play-make. He was out there with a couple of our first team guys, as well, with [Osvaldo] Alonso and that. I thought there was some good combination play—not just his goal, but some good passing sequences. He’s a guy who’s going to play a lot of minutes for us this year.” On the second team group: When you look at that second group, I think DeAndre Yedlin continues to play well. I think Dylan Remick played very well today. I think those are outside backs who I think have a very bright future for us. Ashani Fairclough did very well for us in the back—he showed his athleticism. [Eriq] Zavaleta did all right, as well, back there. Philip Lund obviously got a goal, but he was very active with his running. I thought Alex Caskey had some very good moments also. There were a number of guys who stepped up and had good moments.” On making the Desert Diamond Cup final: Any time you can play in big games it’s a good opportunity. The way our schedule turns out, it’s probably going to be a lot of the reserve guys playing in that game, so for them it’s a good opportunity. The more exposure they get makes us deeper, makes us stronger. It means if you have an injury, you have people that can step up and play. From that standpoint it’s good. You want to get in the habit of winning, you want to have that pride within your team, and that’s something I think we’ve had in the years past and continue to show what he have.”