Sounders Insider

3 Points: Rogers, Donovan, Sounders' shake

The Sounders are starting their second week in Tucson today, but there's not much news expected from them on this President's Day -- although things will pick up Wednesday when they begin a stretch of three games in four days before returning to Puget Sound.

Meanwhile, catching up with a few other news items that caught my eye.

1.) I hadn't published anything here on the Robbie Rogers of the Columbus Crew publicly announcing he is gay and also that he is stepping away from professional soccer. Obviously, he is only only one who gets a vote in his decision to leave after making the announcement. But I wasn't surprised that pretty much every voice heard from MLS was a supportive voice, including many from Sounders wishing him well and stressing their belief that he could have remained in the league. It seems inevitable that some professional athlete inevitably will do so ... and from my experience covering MLS, Major League Baseball, the NBA and NFL, my guess is MLS might be the most hospitable environment for that eventual pioneer.

2.) Here's a good overview on Landon Donovan's late-March return to the LA Galaxy and tentative return to soccer. This is probably good news for the league. Maybe not as good for the individual clubs of the MLS West. In the current playoff setup, all Western club's roads to MLS Cup go through LA. Now, Beckham is a loss; while Beckham-Donovan would have been a one-two punch that would have marked a whole new era of the franchise.

3.) Finally, here's a link to the video of the Sounders doing the Harlem Shake. If you haven't seen it, you should. If you have, well, it doesn't get old.