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Sounders GM on Tiffert: "We have until March 2 to make some big decisions"

This morning, coach Sigi Schmid said questions regarding the status of Sounders DP Chrisian Tiffert should be directed to general manager Adrian Hanauer.

This evening, that's where they were directed.

Here's some of what Hanauer had to say:

"It’s all about trying to put the best team on the field March 2. We have until March 2 to make some big decisions. A big decision would be buying out a player, whether that’s a regular player or a designated player. We have cap constraints that are also adding to the challenge. So from his absence you can make your own conclusions about where that may lie. But by March 2 those decision will be made."

The lone follow-up was if Tiffert is bought out, is it his decision, mutual or inflicted upon him?

"I can’t get in the mind of players and speak for them," Hanauer said. "But in a buy-out situation there’s no decision on the players part. So in that respect it is being done to them, I suppose. At the same time, it’s a negotiation in which a player gets a one-time payout of some amount that they’re willing to take to sacrifice the length of the salary so they can go play for another team, potentially, and earn more money. So, in some cases I’m sure it’s mutual, and in some cases the player doesn’t want it to happen, and in some cases the team doesn’t want to but they’re forced to."