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Hahnemann: "That's our goal this year, to win trophies and silverware"

The Sounders were happy to have won a trophy before their 2013 league season even begins.

Veteran goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann put it this way:

When you lose it, people will say it doesn’t matter, it’s just a preseason trophy. But it’s a great feeling. To see my roommate – Caskey – popping up with another goal today, which is awesome. We had a great day. And the young guys – on trial, a few of those guys – and we come out holding a trophy. That’s our goal this year, to win trophies and silverware. It’s just the start.

More from Hahnemann:On the game) I knew they were going to have a lot of power up front. They’re a good team. I kept my team in it and it’s great to see. We have such a good young squad, and that was supposedly our second team. Our first team played yesterday, and this shows how hard these guys want to make our team, because a lot of these guys want to make our team, because a lot of those guys are on trial, and then the young guys trying to prove themselves. It’s great to see.

On his saves) A couple of them were my own fault. I spilled one of them. … That’s our job. It’s great to be a part of this team. Coming back to Seattle, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able for it to work.

On being ready for the regular season) I think so. You look at our second team, we looked all right. We got a good week to prepare now, and rest – maybe a little bit of partying tonight – and we’ll get on a flight tomorrow.