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Hanauer comfortable with roster heading into season; updates progress on Obafemi Martins

Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer took a few minutes with reporters to talk about the team as it heads into game week. Near the top of the list was this update on the potential signing of La Liga striker Obafemi Martins:

"Obviously a lot of information out there about Obafemi Martins," Hanauer said. "Again, a player we are hopefully circling the wagons on and maybe with a little bit of luck able to bring into the organization. Obviously not quite finished. If we’re talking about a player of that quality who could be added to the team, yeah, we’re getting there."

On clearing a DP spot: Again, a piece of the work in progress. And we have until March 2 to get that all finalized. We’ll just let it play out as it does. ... We cannot add a designated player to the roster until one were to come off.

On if he is comfortable overall with the state of the roster heading into the season: Yeah. I think I’ve said in a perfect world some of the pieces would have come together a little faster. Shalrie would have been a little further along, Djimi would have been a little further along. Maybe we’d have gotten a deal done for another player coming in. But certainly in respect to the Champions League, that’s a little bit disappointing. But ultimately our big target is an MLS Cup, and we want to be peaking in September, October, November, December. It would be great to be able to peak and be as strong as we’re going to be all through the season. But if I had to pick one, it would be September through December.