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Sounders unveil new primary/secondary kits

Sounders FC revealed new uniforms tonight in a ceremony at the Cinerama in downtown Seattle. The primary kit retains the familiar rave green jerseys with blue shorts. However, a green stylized silhouette of the Space Needle is included on the right chest. The secondary kit is cascade shale, and the jersey includes a 2-inch stripe in team colors running vertically above and below the Sounders crest. Uniform developer Adidas also stressed that the kits weigh less than previous versions.

Here's a press release put out by the club:

The Seattle Sounders FC revealed their new primary and secondary kits for the 2013 season today. The primary kit remains rave green and features a subtle silhouette of the Space Needle positioned vertically on the right chest. The traditional adidas three stripes and trim are in Sounders blue. The secondary kit continues in cascade shale with the addition of a two inch vertical stripe whichconnects team colors through a mosaic design to emphasize the team's unique and diverse fan base. The adidas three stripes and trim are also in rave green. Fans will notice a new lettering and numbering font for the 2013 and 2014 seasons. This will be the first time the primary and secondary kits feature different patterns. "Rave green has become an integral part of the team's identity," said Sounders FC owner Joe Roth. "The new kits feature unique designs and detailing that will further link the team to the supporters and the city of Seattle." The adidas ForMotion™ kits will improve comfort and enhance performance by reducing the fabric weight by 27%. The overall weight of the jersey has been reduced by 34g. The TechFit PowerWeb bands have been removed from the jersey and are now on the MiCoach Elite system baselayer. The primary kit will be worn for all MLS league matches but will be substituted by the cascade shale if the rave green is in color conflict or is similar to a home team's primary kit. The super cyan kit, which debuted in 2012, will continue to be worn for Champions League, U.S. Open Cup and friendly matches in order to differentiate between these competitions and MLS league matches. In 2013, the Xbox logo continues to be featured prominently on the jersey front with the Sounders FC badge over the heart. The badge represents the team's personality, image, core competencies and characteristics. The design is loosely based on a heraldic shield, which helped identify warriors who were otherwise hidden by their armor. The Seattle Sounders FC badge was developed with three distinct layers to represent the partnership between the club, the community, and the fans. The partners are all united under one banner which carries the team name. The Space Needle is a universally recognized icon and symbol of Seattle. The overall design is an updated, contemporary treatment of traditional shapes. The effect is clean, bold, aggressive and uniquely Northwest. Fans can purchase the new kits online through the team's website, the downtown Pro Shop located at 410 Pike Street or on match day at CenturyLink Field. For more information on Sounders FC merchandise visit www.proshop/ Sounders FC Kit Combinations 2009 Rave Green Kit Sounder Blue Kit 2010 Rave Green Kit Sounder Blue Kit Electricity Kit 2011 Rave Green Kit Cascade Shale Kit Electricity Kit 2012 Rave Green Kit Cascade Shale Kit Super Cyan Kit 2013 Rave Green Kit Cascade Shale Kit Super Cyan Kit