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Gspurning says coming off line was right move

The lone goal in Montreal's 1-0 win over the Sounders tonight came when goalkeeper Michael Gspurning charged off his line to close in on midfielder Davy Arnaud, who was alone at the top of the penalty arc.

Afterward, Gspurning said his decision was right, but Arnaud's shot was great.

"The situation is always, ‘What is the possibility? What can he do?’" Gspurning said. "More likely he stops the ball and then I’m right there to deal with the situation. Now, when he made the one-timer – by the way it was a great goal, I have to congratulate him on this because to chip the ball over a 6-foot-6 (goalkeeper), it’s not easy. So in this situation I would do the same because he’s alone in the middle and I just want to close the distance to him to make him earn this goal. Unfortunately on this day he earned it, because it was a good one-timer."

Here's some of what Arnaud had to say:

On scoring the first goal here in 2009 and scoring here again: “I’ve had some pretty good luck here. It’s a agreat stadium to play in and a great atmosphere. It’s a big win for us”

On the goal: “Felipe timed the ball really well. I knew he saw me running and he played a great ball. I wasn’t sure who was to my right but I figured I wouldn’t have a lot of time so I had to hit it pretty fast after I took my first touch.”

On Gspurning closing out fast on the goal: “He’s a big boy. He’s a very good goalkeeper, but I just reacted to the situation so that was it.”

One goal being enough for the win: “Scoring goals on the road is tough, and especially against them. They score a lot of goals here at home, but I think this year in preseason we’ve been really solid defensively. If we can continue to score one goal and get points on the road, we’re going to be ok.”