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3Points from Sounders opening loss to Montreal: 0-1 start, Yedlin, looking ahead

Three points from the Sounders 1-0 season-opening loss to Montreal:

1.) Over the course of my interviews with coaches and front office personnel leading up to last night, I very definitely got the impression that they were concerned this still-incomplete roster isn't yet ideally aligned for Tigres on the road. But I never really picked up much concern that they weren't ready for Montreal at home. It's a long season, but you gotta figure the Sounders already are three Supporters Shield points behind where they expected to be -- and ought to be. And the projection for Wednesday in Monterrey sure didn't improve.

2.) Rookie DeAndre Yedlin was everything he showed in Arizona, and even more. Coach Sigi Schmid had speculated that a CCL quarterfinal match in Monterrey might be no place for a 19-year-old rookie defender. However, that thinking might change in light of the way that 19-year-old rookie defender handled his pro debut. Next thinking that may change: What happens when Adam Johansson's knee heals?

3.) Soccer's a funny sport, and any single game is rarely proof of anything. You wouldn't have to change much to give Eddie Johnson a hat trick and we're discussing a 3-1 win, instead of a 1-0 loss. And while we're on what-ifs, what if any or all of Alonso, Burch, Estrada, Neagle, Johansson, Joseph, Traore, or -- dare I say it? -- Martins had been available? Actually, the most depressing thing I saw/heard last night wasn't so much the 1-0 loss as Schmid speculating that overconfidence from the Desert Diamond Cup might have contributed. The Desert Diamond Cup? If this club is that easily satisfied, that would be a very very bad sign. Similarly, the best thing I saw/heard was GM Adrian Hanauer seeming pretty confident that something may yet get done to bring an international-quality striker into the rave green. If that happens, this club should project as just as much of an MLS Cup contender as it did 24 hours ago.